Terms & Conditions

1.The ticket is not transferable and is for personal use only. The ticket may not be re-sold.
2.Passengers must be present at the Akgünler Port Office 2 hours prior to the trip time for the check-in procedures and to get the boarding pass. During times such as public holidays, new year,etc., passengers must be present at the Akgünler Port Office 3 hours prior to the departure time. Check-in procedure ends 30 minutes before the trip time stated on your ticket. It is enough time to complete the customs and police control procedures.
3.At the time of check-in, the passengers are liable to declare the requested documents according to their ticket type such as "student", "soldier", "diplomat",member of press, border entry and exit documents and such. Any difference in the fare caused by a missing document, will be paid at the time of check-in by the passengers. The tickets for the vehicles must be issued according to the vehicle type written on the vehicle registration card.
4.Passengers with no Boarding Pass will not be allowed to board the vessel. Boarding Passes must be obtained at the time of check-in at Akgünler Port Office and must be kept safe during the journey.
5.Akgünler Denizcilik may change or cancel the dates and the departure times of the scheduled trips without any prior notice. Passengers cannot hold Akgünler Denizcilik responsible or liable for any loss or damage.
6.Tickets can be amended or canceled online using our webpage www.akgunlerbilet.com according to the rules below;
a.Tickets can be cancelled within the first 24 hours of issue time with no charge. This rules doesnot apply if the trip date is within 24 hours.
b.Up to 24 hours before the trip time, ticket can be turned into open ticket and open tickets must be used within 12 months after the issue date. After 1 year no claims can be made for the ticket.
c.If a ticket is cancelled up to 24 hours before the trip time, cancellation charges shall be 25% of the ticket fare excluding the tax.
d.Within the last 24 hours before the trip time, ticket cannot be amended or turned into open (unless there is a valid reason officially proven by documents subject to approval) and it can only be canceled with 50% charge on the ticket fare excluding the tax.
e.Within the last 6 hours before the trip time, ticket cannot be amended or turned into open (unless there is a valid reason officially proven by documents subject to approval) and it can only be canceled with 75% charge on the ticket fare excluding the tax.
f.After the trip time stated on the ticket, the ticket can only be canceled with 100% charge on the ticket fare and the tax amount will be refunded.
7.In case the passengers want to change the date or the time of the trip on the ticket OR in case an open ticket is assigned to a trip on any date; if the new trip has a higher fare, the ticket holder is liable to pay the difference, and if the new trip has a lower fare, the ticket holder cannot declare the difference in the amount as refund.
8.The change and refund rights granted to the passengers when the trip is canceled and/or the trip date and time is changed due to technical reasons and/or when our company deems it necessary, are as follows;
By preserving the vessel type and route defined in the ticket, a trip change can be made for the same vessel type and route for different dates without fare difference. If there is a request for a change in the vessel type and/or route in the ticket, the fare difference is paid by the passenger. If the said change is made for a lower fare flight, the passenger will not be refunded. The passenger has the right to cancel the trip and recieve full refund.
9.Passengers may only bring 2 suitcase and 1 hand luggage within the Express/Sea Buses and 3 suitcases and 1 hand luggage within Ro/Ro Passenger Ships. Extra charges may apply for any additional luggage or the luggages maynot be accepted on board. Passengers are the sole responsible for their luggage and Akgünler Denizcilik will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur during the journey. Akgünler Denizcilik cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages to the vehicles that may be caused during loading and unloading the ship.
10.Passengers are obliged to obey all the rules and regulations of all the ports in countries included in their travel schedule. Passengers are liable to present all the required travel documents to the port authorities. In the case of any passenger is denied of exit or entry at the customs for any reason, Akgünler Denizcilik cannot be held liable for any loss or damage.
11. Restrictions and/or prohibitions imposed by the state due to all kinds of measures that may be taken, both nationally and internationally, are deemed to be above the provisions of this ticket sales contract, and in such a case, failure to implement and/or partial implementation of the provisions of this contract does not impose any obligation on AKGÜNLER.
12.The following articles must not be brought on board the vessel: explosives, sharp and flammable objects, radioactives, compressed gases, and any other items that can cause danger to the vessel and the passengers on board.
13. While on board, all passengers must follow the instructions of the vessel captain.
14. Smoking is strictly prohibited by law in any part of the vessel while parked at the port and on the sea.
15. For pregnant passengers; Between the 28th and 35th weeks, a doctor's report is requested. Starting from the 36th week, they are not accepted to travel. These passengers must inform the agency about their pregnancy status, and in any negative situation that may occur, all responsibility will belong to the passengers.
16. Any disputes that may arise regarding the transportation shall be referred to the Courts of Girne in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
17. Akgünler reserves the right to make changes in the rules written on the ticket. In addition, if changes are made in international rules and/or national laws, these changes and rules will be valid even if they are not written on the ticket. For changes and rules, the rules and conditions on the website www.akgunlenencilik.com will always be taken into account and will be valid.
18.Please check–out www.akgunlerdenizcilik.com for additional important reminders regarding the necessary documents and procedures for your journey between TRNC and Turkey.
19. It is the passenger's responsibility to follow the practices of the country to be traveled regarding the measures, restrictions and entry conditions published in the country to be traveled. AKGÜNLER cannot be held responsible in any way in such a case.


Passenger and vehicle admission procedures will end 30 minutes before the departure time specified on your ticket. No action will be taken for passengers arriving after this time.

Taşucu and Kyrenia Ports close at 23:30 at night and open at 08:00 in the morning. For our night cruises, we have to take you to the port/ship before 23:30. Since our ship arrives at the opposite port in 5 hours, the planned arrival time is 08:00 even if our ship departs late.

We can only take your small pet in a cage in the indoor passenger lounges, and the maximum cage size that can be taken into the lounge is 105cm x 73cm x 79cm. Your oversized pet can travel in its cage on deck where the ship's staff will show. Pets are not allowed in the cabins.

For passengers who are Turkish citizens residing in earthquake zones and cannot reach their identity cards;

The state of emergency declared for earthquake zones will end on May 9, 2023, and as of this date, only the rules stated in the following article will be valid for going abroad with a Turkish identity card. Old type ID, photo ID or temporary ID will not be used.

Important Information About TR Identities:

If Turkish citizens of all ages (including 0-15 years old) are going to go to the TRNC with their ID card, it is obligatory to have a new type of ID, with a chip and with a photo. Children between the ages of 0-15 can use their passports if they do not have a photo or chip ID.

TRNC and TR Citizens can take their vehicles to Turkey with their Chip IDs.

TRNC citizens who want to go to Turkey with their vehicles will be able to take their vehicles to Turkey with their TRNC ID cards, provided that they obtain their exit permit from the Vehicle Registration Office with their TRNC chip ID cards instead of passports. Vehicle owners who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey can come as tourists for a short time with their ID cards with a TR chip. Passport obligation continues for people who have a residence/work permit or student status when entering/exiting their vehicles.

Important information for non-Turkish license plate (including Cyprus plate) vehicle owners: New and/or unpaid fines (traffic, bridge and road) tolls) will appear in front of the vehicle owners during the transaction. You can make the payment via the “GIB application” that you download to your phone. Vehicle owners who do not pay the fines will not be able to exit. Cash fines are collected only during working hours on weekdays. We invite you to take precautions to avoid suffering.

For more detailed information, you can contact us at our call center at 0392 4444364 or at [email protected].