If you don't have specific date of return, you can purchase open ticket. Then any time within 1 year you can issue date by calling/going to any of our central agencies.


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Our Ships

Our fleet includes 1 catamaran-type sea bus and 2 RoRo / Passenger ships.
Via Mare

Via Mare

Via Mare is a German-made RoRo / Passenger-type ship that is 118m long, 21m wide. She has a capacity of carrying 470 passengers, 46 trucks, or 260 saloon vehicles. Her max speed is 15 knots per hour. She also has 15 cabins with two beds and four beds, with private bathrooms and toilets. Via Mare makes regular trips between Taşucu and Girne ports on 3 days a week for 12 months.
Via Famagusta

Via Famagusta

Via Famagusta is a Swedish-made RoRo / Passenger-type ship. She is 110m long, 16m wide and can carry 113 passengers, 41 trucks, or 220 saloon vehicles. Her max speed is 12 knots per hour. She has regular trips between Mersin and Famagusta ports, 3 days a week for 12 months. Famagusta is the famous historical port of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Akgünler 3

Akgünler 3

Akgünler III is a Norwegian-made catamaran-type fast sea bus that is 38 meters long, 9 meters wide. She can carry 384 passengers at a speed of 32 knots per hour. This fast ferry makes regular trips between the ports of Taşucu and Girne during May and October. The journey takes only 2 hours. Akgünler III is the only fastest option for your day trips between TRNC and TC.
Don't Let Your Questions Be Unanswered


We have collected the most frequently asked questions about tickets and journeys in this section. We hope you can find the answers you are looking for. For questions that you cannot find the answer, you can call us at 0 392 444 4364, or contact us on our social media accounts or write to [email protected]
I will go to TRNC with my car. Must I travel with a passport?
Yes the car driver MUST travel with a passport. .

Is driver free when I book a vehicle ?
Yes. Our promotion "driver is free with every vehicle" is going on. The driver only pays the departure/arrival taxes.
Which ports do your ferries depart in Turkey and TRNC?
Akgünler Denizcilik operates trips between these ports; Turkey: Taşucu Port and Mersin Port TRNC : Kyrenia Port and Famagusta Port
Persons residing in the TRNC can take their vehicles with TRNC license plates registered in their name to Turkey temporarily. In order to do that they have to prove that they are residing in TRNC legally.

Being a resident in the TRNC means the following; The vehicle owner must be residing in TRNC for at least 185 days within the last 365 days. The countdown date starts from the date of entry into Turkey.

TRNC to work, to study or temporary duty in order to go definite return
Turkish citizens who reside temporarily to work, to study, etc. cannot take the TRNC plated vehicles to Turkey if their residence in TRNC is terminated and they are returning to Turkey for good,

The requirement of staying in TRNC for 185 days in the last year is checked by the Turkish customs administration at each entrance and those who meet this requirement are given an entry permit. TC citizens can check the exit/entrance dates on the webpage below;

What can I take with me as "duty free" when entering Turkey?
Tobacco and Tobacco Products
1- Cigarettes 600 pieces
2- Cigarillos (cigars weighing no more than 3 g each) 100 pieces
3- Cigars 50 pieces
4- Chopped tobacco (with 200 sheets of cigarette paper) 250 gr.
Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages
1- Alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol degree exceeding 22% 1 lt.
2- Alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol degree not exceeding 22% 2 lt.
1- 5 skin care products and make-up materials, cologne, perfume, lavender, essence or lotion, not exceeding 600 ml
Food products
1- Tea 1 kg.
2- Soluble instant coffee 1 kg.
3- Coffee 1 kg.
4- Chocolate 1 kg.
5- Candy etc 1 kg.
When entering North Cyprus, you can bring your pet (only cat, dog and bird) with you.
You can get detailed information from the link below;


When entering Turkey;
Each passenger can bring 2 pets (only cats-dogs) and 10 fish.
The veterinary health report, the certificate of origin and vaccines, identity document.
You can get detailed information from the address below;



20 Years in Sector

Akgünler İşletmeleri A.Ş. Ltd. has been serving TRNC tourism industry since 1978.  We have invested in maritime and shipping in 2000 and still expanding in continuous investments.

The vision of Akgünler Shipping is to become a logistic service provider with a strong and integrated infrastructure in  TRNC and Turkey.  Our company has 1 catamaran and 2 roro / passenger ships in its fleet.  Akgünler Denizcilik is currently the company with the largest passenger and freight capacity in the TRNC.

Our company and our ships are equipped with certificates such as the International Safety Management Certificate (ISMC) and the International Ship and Security Certificate (ISPSC), and are constantly audited by Loyd organizations. We continue our operations in accordance with all international maritime rules.

With the company motto “Speed, Trust, Comfort”,  our aim is to contribute to TRNC in transportation and tourism. Being a pioneer in foreign expansions of the TRNC we aim to reach the most advanced line in passenger and freight transportation by increasing the development of the maritime sector. Our most important mission is to “make a difference” for our passengers with world standard service quality.


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You can contact us through our communication channels for all your suggestions, requests, and complaints. You can reach us through Facebook and Instagram messages, [email protected], and our office phones.
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No: 3 Kyrenia - TRNC.
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